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Optimize My Android

Optimize My Android





Optimize My Android  产品介绍

Phone running slow? Is your device constantly out of memory? Optimize My Android puts the power in your hands—use it to improve the performance of your device, while ensuring your communications are safe.

Optimize My Android protects your device from the problems we all encounter every day—slow performance, battery drain, malicious apps, and call eavesdropping. Boost your speed and secure your mobile world with Optimize My Android.

Simple Optimization
  •  Boosts device performance by clearing memory and cache, and ends nonessential processes for improved battery life

Antivirus & Security protection
  •  Blocks malicious apps currently on your device and quickly scans newly installed apps to make sure you’re always protected
  •  Automatic FREE virus database updates

Call protection
  •  Protects your privacy by identifying apps running in the background that can listen to your calls—apps with listening capabilities are flagged for your removal

Safe Browsing
  •  Worried about risky Chrome clicks? No problem, Safe Browsing protects against the three most common web threats: phishing, drive-by malware, and harmful downloads

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